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There's a time in every persons life where they decide their next path. The first half of life is long since gone leaving them stranded and confused. What do they do with themselves now that the fun and games are over? Do they have their act together enough to take the next step and not plunge under when there's no nest to fall back in? That leap is a risky one for those that have adulthood on the horizon. For some, it's long since gone and past; already set sail on this messy voyage we call life. Some are virgin to that sweet air of maturity and have yet to meet that vengeance that comes on full throttle when bad decisions are made.
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It's called growing up.

With it comes issues of many sizes. Conflicts, joy, agony, and love. It's where people find themselves. Make themselves. And plant a mark for all to know that they were there. That they grew and left that child they once were in the shadows. This is where real life begins and childhood is left long behind.
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